The international Chaimas Frenkelis villa summer festival
The international Chaimas Frenkelis Villa summer festival take place in Siauliai (Lithuania) in June–August. Art Director of the Festival – The Laureate of Lithuanian National Prize, conductor Robertas Šervenikas. Organizer of the Festival – Šiauliai “Aušros” museum.
Европейская ночь музеев
18 мая 2019 года в городе Шяуляй – даже два больших мероприятия: День уличной музыки и Европейская ночь музеев. Днём на улицах города будут выступать профессиональные музыканты и любители, зрителей ждут перформансы, связанные с музыкой. Вечером 15 музеев города откроют свои двери, пригласят...
The European Night of Museums
On May 18, 2019 two large events will be held in Šiauliai: Street Music Day and European Night of Museums. During the daytime, professional and amateur musicians will perform, different performances related to music will be held in Šiauliai streets. In the evening, even 15 museums will be open...
The exhibition “Lithuania in Litvak Arts”
Over the centuries, the Lithuanian Jewish community has acquired the identity of Litvaks, which is closely related to Lithuania. Lithuania has become a whole world for the Jewish artists – a mother, home, manuscript of wisdom, talisman, solace, cracked land, the place of tragic losses... They...
Structural subdivisions of Šiauliai „Aušros“ museum is free of charge
Last Sunday of each month admision to structural subdivisions of Šiauliai „Aušros“ museum is free of charge.
Exhibition “The Poet’s Muse – Savoldo’s Angel”
This year Berenika and Aris Čipkai donated their mother’s Aleksandra works of art to the M.K. Čiurlionis National Museum of Art. Her works are unique pieces of art from the point of a variety of techniques: the artist painted on ceramic vases and on canvas. In America, A. Čipkienė was engaged in...
Shrovetide celebration at Žaliūkiai windmill
In the programme: the tasting of Žaliūkių homemade delicious pancakes, the burning of Morė in the bonfire, competitions, songs, dances, jokes together with the dressed up Shrovetide characters. Shrovetide celebration is organized at Šiauliai Aušros Museum's Žaliūkiai Village Miller's Farmstead...