Šiaulių „Aušros“ muziejus. Vilniaus g. 74, Šiauliai

In 1923, on the initiative of the Patriarch of Lithuanian museology – Peliksas Bugailiškis, a museum was established in Šiauliai and named after the first Lithuanian newspaper – “Aušra”. Today, Šiauliai “Aušros” Museum is one of the largest and most active Lithuanian museums, accumulating, safeguarding, popularizing historical, artistic, technological heritage, helping to get knowledge of the past, to conceive our nowadays, and to create the future. Museum unifies even nine structural subdivisions – Chaimas Frenkelis Villa, Žaliūkiai Village Miller’s Farmstead, Photography, Bicycle, Radio and Television Museums, Šiauliai History museum, Poet Jovaras’ House, Venclauskiai House, Old Town Fire Station. Expositions reflecting museums rich collections, attractive educational activities, purposeful events and festivals satisfy the needs of the most choosy visitor.