Vilniaus st. 174, LT-76299 Šiauliai

Radio and Television Museum

The Museum reveals the development of sound and view recall, telecommunication devices, helps to get acquainted and understand their principles and possibilities, presents collections rare exhibits.

Address: Vilniaus st. 174, LT-76299 Šiauliai
Tel: +370 41 52 43 99
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Wed 10 am–5 pm

Thur, Fri 10 am–5 pm

Sat–Sun 11 am–5 pm


"Sound and View Recall Devices"

In 2002, the exposition was renovated. It comprises of:

I. Mechanical sound recall devices. 
Here you can get acquainted with unique musical automatons gramophones, and a phonograph, produced in the United States – the first sound record and recall device invented by Thomas Alva Edison. All these exhibits had been produced at the end of the 19th-the beginning of the 20th centuries.

II. Radio and its development in Lithuania.
Radio receivers produced in 1922–1980 by radio amateurs themselves, at radio workshops or factories are here on display.

III. Amateur radio operators (hams).
Equipment used by amateur radio operators (hams), communication cards, awards, won in European and World competitions are presented.

IV. Television sets.
This part of exposition acquaints with TV sets history starting with 1949, so TV-sets produced in Lithuania and abroad, color TV mobile units and color TV studio units are here on display.

V. Telegraph
Short history of telegraph and the principles of telegraph apparatuses operation is given in the exposition.


Ticket – 2 Eur (with discount 1 Eur)

Guided tour – 10 Eur (no discounts)

  • Schoolchildren, students, pensioners, after presenting LR, EU or international identity card ISIC and teachers who have international identity card ITIC, young people who have European Youth Card, are given 50 per cent discount to visit the museum and for guided tour.

  • Pre-school age children, children from children's homes, disabled persons, curators of Lithuanian Republic, the members of International Museum Council (ICOM), the members of friends club of Šiauliai "Aušros" museum, the teachers who accompany schoolchildren groups, disadvantaged schoolchildren groups visit the museum free of charge (the list has to be presented in advance), other services are provided with 50 per cent discount.