Aušros av. 47, LT-76301 Šiauliai

Šiauliai History Museum

2019 The reconstruction project of the building, financed by the EU Regional Development Funds and the state budget of the Republic of Lithuania, was launched. 2021 the building was completed for reconstruction in 2022. it is planned to set up an exposition of Šiauliai History Museum.

The new museum will have modern and contemporary archeology, historical expositions and open repositories, which will allow you to present a large collection of the most valuable exhibits. It will organically combine original exhibits and reconstructions, and the information will be presented on several levels, adapting to the needs of the visitor. The context of the expositions will be expanded by the educational space and outdoor exposition. An exhibition-event hall will also be dedicated to multifunctional museum activities. The museum is equipped with a ramp, elevator and toilet for the disabled.

Address: Aušros av. 47, LT-76301 Šiauliai
Tel: (8 41) 52 43 86
Facebook: Šiaulių istorijos muziejus


Tue, Thur, Fri 10 am–5 pm

Wed 10 am–5 pm

Sat–Sun 11 am–5 pm

The Park is open for free I–VII 10 am–10 pm

Ticket – 3 Euro (with discount 1,50 Eur)