The last Sunday of every month is for museums

The last Sunday of every month is for museums


It’s so easy to dedicate at least one day a month to visiting museums, which is why we would like to remind you that entrance to museums in Šiauliai managed by the Lithuanian Ministry of Culture is free of charge on the last Sunday of each month!

If you’ve ever had the privilege of gaining free entry to the Louvre on a Sunday, you can experience the same feeling at different places throughout Šiauliai, including Chaimas Frenkelis Villa-Museum, Venclauskiai House-Museum, Šiauliai History Museum, Photography Museum, Bicycle Museum, Radio and Television Museum, Žaliūkiai Village Miller’s Farmstead-Museum.

Grab your children, friends or parents and enjoy some soul-enriching discoveries. 

Museum list:

Chaimas Frenkelis Villa-Museum (Vilniaus street 74)

Venclauskiai House-Museum (Vytauto street 89)

Photography Museum (Vilniaus street 140)

Šiauliai History Museum (Aušros alėja street 47)

Bicycle Museum (Vilniaus street 139)

Radio and Television Museum (Vilniaus street 174)

Žaliūkiai Village Miller’s Farmstead-Museum (Architektų street 73)